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About me

 Now living in St Ives, Cornwall, Jenny grew up on a farm on the edges of Sherwood Forest. Taking this connection to the land and a love of history Jenny went to the University of Nottingham and gained a BA Honours Degree in Archaeology and Ancient History. Her artistic talents demonstrated in her A Level in Art ,aided her in making archaeological illustrations and artefact drawings during this time.

After developing the debilitating condition M.E. in her twenties Jenny took up her paint brush again and started a career as a full-time artist. Equally proficient using oil paints, watercolours or printmaking Jenny has exhibited widely in the UK through galleries and solo exhibitions. She constantly sketches and paints outdoors braving the changing weather. Often a painting begun on site will be finished in the studio, the resulting sense of spontaneity in her work adds enormously to its appeal. Interestingly enough, it's obvious in her work that there is a link between her farming and archaeological background and her exploration of the historical landscapes in the United Kingdom.

Whether working with watercolour paints or oil paints Jenny employs an impressionistic approach allowing the vibrancy and energy of the strokes to shine through. Strokes of paint may be laid unblended next to each other or glazes of colour washed over others in an attempt to depict the light and shadows. The aim is always to finish with a piece of atmospheric work worthy of being signed by Jenny. 

Falmouth view from St Just stage 1.jpg
Falmouth view from St Just stage 2.jpg
Falmouth view from St Just final stage.jpg
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